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About the Company

Warner Consulting is an engineering services consulting firm whose purpose is to serve companies who need help in completing specific tasks on time.  Building on a reputation for completing the tasks given in the time frame specified, Warner Consulting has always been able to satisfy it’s customers.

Warner Consulting can offer many different engineering services.  We are equipped with the latest in 3-D modeling software including SolidWorks, BobCAD, and CosmosWorks finite element analysis.  We also have a prototype model shop with a CNC lathe and three 4-axis CNC milling machines.  In addition we can provide testing support in our test lab with computer data acquisition and reasonable rates for lab technicians.  Warner Consulting has many contacts in the rapid prototyping community and can quickly turn around physical prototypes for conceptual and functional models. 

In addition to providing prototype fabrication and testing abilities, Warner Consulting has years of experience in the design side of product development.  Using all the tools available Warner Consulting can take concepts and ideas to viable designs and functional prototypes.  We have experience taking vague concepts and turning them into working designs.  In addition we have experience taking designs that are struggling to get to production and making them a market success.

Over the past 10 years Warner Consulting has worked on projects in high tech laboratory equipment, healthcare, plumbing products, consumer electronics, and construction industries.  The projects have been as varied as the industries.  The future looks bright for Warner Consulting and we hope to be an asset for your company.


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